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What about those most vulnerable in our society? Who are they and how can we help?


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Finding a Place for LGBTQ2S+ Youth

Erica Norman  Program Coordinator, Choices for Youth

Erica NormanMany of the youth who come to Choices for Youth have experienced family breakdown, but that seems even more common for LGBTQ2S+ youth, and in particular for trans youth. When young people are not accepted by all or some of their family they can experience high rates of mental health issues which are brought on or made worse by bullying, rejection, segregation and isolation. For many of these youth in rural areas of the province, moving to St. John’s becomes a way to escape the bullying and isolation and to access critical supports.

Of course, even when they arrive in St. John’s, navigating and finding appropriate and empowerment-based supports can be a challenge, especially if they have experienced
trauma and abuse. Some services have limited gender neutral services and even something as simple as changing your name or gender on your identification can
be too costly for a young person living on their own.



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